January 28, 2012
January 25, 2012

Avengers as Capital-A Art

The only pity is no Lichtenstein. Oh, and the fact these are all variant covers so no way to actually buy them without forking out the big bucks.

December 28, 2011

19 alternate Die Hard posters

Speaking of Die Hard.

(Olly Moss)

December 23, 2011
December 15, 2011
December 8, 2011
December 7, 2011

Green Bay about to celebrate a last ditch field goal win over the NY Giants, and a rabid helmetless Jared Allen pursuing the ubiquitous Tim Tebow.

Two great shots showcasing the passion even regular season games generate. Green Bay are undefeated and you can see how much it means for them to maintain that lofty perch. Meanwhile Allen is playing for the 2-10 Vikings, but clearly doesn’t give a damn about their lowly status.

(via Yahoo and SI respectively)

December 6, 2011